Why I am a liar and why YA is awesome.

This is what my parents got me for my birthday. Isn't it awesome?

So...I said I was going to do another worldbuilding post today. But then my husband and I decided to try and finish up the moving today and tomorrow. Which means I spent most of my afternoon at the house-with-no-internet. Which makes me a liar.

Sorry all. Worldbuilding will resume shortly, I swearz.

In the meantime, for those of you who don't know, The Wall Street Journal released a ridiculous article about YA this weekend. The writer lamented the sad and sorry state of YA and claimed publishers were trying to "bulldoze coarseness or misery" into children's lives.

As you can imagine, the YA community was not amused. Many insightful articles and blog posts were written, and Maureen Johnson started a twitter hashtag  called #yasaves.

(If you have time, I recommend reading the #yasaves thread. It made me teary. Repeatedly.)

In the face of all this well-spoken brilliance, I have little to add. Except that I am proud to be a YA/MG author. I am proud to write for kids and teenagers, proud to work with so many compassionate, creative people and damn proud to create these kinds of books.

And in honor of YA books everywhere, I'm going to extend--and add to--my Thank You Contest. There will be more books, and more opportunities to discuss books. The details will go up tomorrow.

That's right, a Tuesday post at last. And that's no lie. *grin*

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