Last day of the contest and worldbuilding recap!

1. THANK YOU everyone who's entered, tweeted and blogged about my contest! Your enthusiasm was so uplifting and I feel like I've made some great new friends. You are all amazing.

2. And speaking of the contest, it's the last day to enter! If you haven't entered yet and you want to, click this link. The grand prize is a backpack full of YA and writing books and the contest closes at midnight PST. 

3. Now that the contest is almost done, it's time to get back to worldbuilding! First up, I apologize to everyone who's been following the series. Between the book deal and the contest and the moving, I haven't been as consistent with it as I would've liked to be.  But I'm jumping back in, and this time, nothing will stop me!

For those of you who just tuned in, here's a quick recap of the first few posts.

Worldbuilding, part 1: It's not just for science fiction anymore!

In which I give you my definition of worldbuilding, talk about how we can learn from other genres and explore the four basic kinds of worldbuilding.

Worldbuilding, part 2: By the Power of Grayskull....I mean Research!

In which we learn how research kills stereotypes and highlight five different sources to use when you're researching.

Worldbuilding, part 3: The Secret to Worldbuilding Success (according to me).

In which we talk about the magic of internal consistency.

Worldbuilding, part 4: Let's talk about exceptions.

In which we look at when and how to make exceptions to worldbuilding rules.

(Up next, the Pigs in Space principle, and how to make your world uniquely your own.  Stay tuned!)

4. In the midst of all this happy activity, there has been an upset. Not only does our new house not have internet yet, it's not even wired for it. 

*makes shocked face*

Also, there has been a with my laptop, requiring me to borrow one instead. All this means that my online stuff might be more erratic than usual. I'm still going to stick to my blogging, and I will try to reply to all comments, (and @replies on Twitter) but it might take me longer.  I'm not ignoring you, I promise.

5. Finally, if any of you are missing your daily dose of cute animals, this one's for you. 

found at

So have I missed anything while I've been gone?

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