Monday thank-you and a question.

Wow guys. Wow.

You blew me away this weekend with your awesome outpouring of support and congratulations. Sometimes I didn't know how to reply, I was so stunned by it all. "Thank you" doesn't seem to go far enough, but I'll say it anyway.

This thank-you has been brought to you by: the Department of Crazy Morning Hair and the letters T and U.

Now, a question. As many of you know, we're in the middle of my worldbuilding series. There are at least two posts to go. But some people have asked for my submission/selling story. And I have a thank-you contest planned for Wednesday as well.

(Make sure and come back for that. It's gonna be EPIC.)

So should I do the submissions story first and finish the worldbuilding series at a later date? Or should I finish the series first and then go on to other things?

What do you think?

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