Various announcements and funny things.

1.  I finally gave in and did a Querytracker interview. The link isn't up yet, (sadness) but as soon as it is I'll post it.

2. If you've ever feel guilty about self promotion, you should read this article from the New York Times. I found the link on Saundra Michell's awesome blog and she said it best.  

"At least I never locked an entire room full of strangers in a crypt all night long with grim reapers serving them an endless dinner, while I hid in the balcony and shouted insults at them to promote my book..."

And yes, it is that awesome.

3. And if you were at all interested in the royal wedding this week, especially the bride's dress, (OMG, veilsquee!) you should check out fashion blogger's Tom and Lorenzo's take on the message behind Kate's dress. I found what they had to say fascinating, especially this part:

Just as everyone had that image of Diana in her enormous confection of a dress foremost in their minds, out steps Kate, saying loud and clear, "I don't want you to compare me to Princess Diana. Compare me to Princess Grace instead." 

4. I love Failbook. That is all.

5.  Next week I'm starting a worldbuilding series! I already have a lot of thoughts about it banging around in my head, but as always, I need your help.

What do you know about worldbuilding? What do you WANT to know?

Have a great weekend!

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