This is what happens when I psych myself out.

Did you know it's veeeery difficult to come up with a good post to follow the "I have to step away" post?

Well it is.

And because I now only blog twice a week, I feel an added pressure to be deep. I can't just slap a cute animal up if you're not getting another post until Wednesday, can I?

*runs in frantic circles* *falls over from exhaustion*

Apparently I can.

*points*   Look, EAGLE OWLS!

found at

And I thought MY adolescent pictures were awful. Actually...come to think of it, I kind of had that hair.

Is it just me, or do these things bear an uncanny resemblance to these little monsters?

found at
*shudders* So. Many. Nightmares.

And now for a lovely game of "caption this photo"


Want to play? Leave a caption in the comments!

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