We interrupt this voice series to bring you the following announcement:

I have an agent.

Her name is Jennifer Laughran and she's with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

I am an agented author.

That is all.

This announcement has been brought to you by a very stunned and happy author. The author is not responsible for anything she says in the next twenty-four hours. The author will eventually get over being stunned and most likely scream and jump around like a crazy person. Don't say we didn't warn you.

EDIT: There will be a post with all the "gory details"! I promise. 


  1. What?!!

    That's mean. Where are all the gory details. *stomps away*


    Congrats, lady. *tips hat*

  3. WHOA!!!!

    Oh my gosh, Miriam! This is such fantastic news!!! This is HUGE! And what an agent to land. I've heard great things about her!

    CONGRATS!!! I'm SO happy for you. :) :)

  4. Congrats! What an exciting day for you!!

  5. That's amazing! Congrats! I want to hear more. :)

  6. Congrats and welcome to the coven. Jenn is an amazing agent!

  7. Jade sent me- I do what she tells me to. :)

    Congratulations- what a great agency!

  8. You guys are making me all sniffly!

    There will be more details to come, honest. Right now I'm still processing.

    Thank you everyone!

  9. Aw, that is such a happy spot to be in, congrats :) I remember flying high as a kite with joy the first few weeks of being agented! :)

  10. CONGRATS!!!!!! :D *jumps around and screams for/with ms. Foster!!!*

  11. Congratulations and welcome!! You won't regret signing with Jenn:-)

  12. Hooray for Miriam!! I am so happy for you! Can't wait for your "how I got my agent" post. Wahoo!

  13. Woooo hooo! Congratulations! Amazing news! Can't wait to hear all the details... I just love stories like this. :)

  14. That's fantastic! Loved the fact that I was catching up on your voice series (excellent stuff by the way) to be interrupted in such a glorious manner :) Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations!!! Wonderful news and it's good to hear that you've found such capable hands. Can't wait to see you out on the shelves!

  16. Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the whole story.

  17. Congrats - peeked at your project list, and wow, Houses of a Thousand Dolls sounds AWESOME. No surprise you've found an agent! (also, great title! I suck at titles)

    Congrats again! (are you on twitter?)

  18. Awesome! I'm so happy for you! (And jealous, but mostly happy) :)

  19. Congratulations! That's so amazing.

  20. Yes!!!!!! It's about time the world-at-large starts figuring out how great you are!

  21. Hip, hip, hooray! (releases balloons)

  22. Jade- You make me laugh so hard. :)

    Weronika- THANK YOU!! *hugs Weronika* And an extra thank you for all the cheerleading and encouragement. It meant a lot.

    Maureen E- Thank you!

    The Director- Har. "Whoa" is pretty much exactly what I said too. Thanks!

    Renee- Whee! Now we can have submission anxieties together! *hugs*

  23. Cindy- Thank you!

    Joanne- And I am EXCITED!! *claps hands* Thanks!

    Ghenet- Thank you! I hope the story holds up to the anticipation. :)

    erinjade- Thank you so much! When all her authors started welcoming me on Twitter, I came as close to crying as I had all day.

    Stephanie- Don't we all do what Jade tells us? :) Thank you!

  24. Dy- Thank you! *does happy dance*

    Aisha- Oh good, I'm glad it's not just me. :) Thank you.

    Star-Dreamer- Yah for jumping around and screaming! *jumps around some more*

    Kristen- Thank you! I don't think I will. *grin*

    Corinne O'Flynn- Well it's up now, so I hope it's okay. :) And thank you! *hugs*

  25. Jennifer Hillier- Thank you! I love stories like this too. :)

    Emma- Yah! Thanks! I'm actually really excited for the next post in the series, but this was a good reason to interrupt it. :)

    Misty- You and me both. :) Thank you so much!

    Elisabeth- Thank you!

    Jess Tudor- Awww, thank you! And if you haven't found me yet, I'm @msforster on Twitter.

  26. Abby Annis- Thank you!

    Tiana- I know the feeling. *hugs Tiana* Thank you!

    Golden Eagle- Thanks!

    Valkyrie- Thank you!! *hugs* It helps that I have the MOST AWESOMEST FRIENDS EVER.

    Darby- *watches balloons* Ooo...ahhh... Thank you!

  27. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Moonrat- THANK YOU!! *does happy dance*


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