Saturday post is going to be late....

Please enjoy this VERY TIRED PUPPY while you wait.

(Hey, that rhymed!)

found at

Yeah, that's pretty much me right now.

Be back later!


  1. Aw....hope you is not so tired soon! :) Come back soon please! ;)

  2. Don't forget we set our clocks ahead tonight, so your puppy nap will lose an hour's sleep. Oh woof, what can you do?

  3. I can understand perfectly! Finals are next week, this is pretty much my life.

  4. Director- I always come back! You CANNOT GET RID OF ME. *cue creepy music*

    Joanne- Yeah, that was a bit rough. What I ended up doing was sleeping through my alarm... :)

    Bethany- Oh no! I recommend a catnap. Or a dognap, whichever you prefer. *grin*


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