Monday cute and a cautionary tale

Happy Monday everyone!

1.  If you haven't done so yet, feel free to comment on my poll about what makes you feel connected to a blog. And thanks to everyone who's taken time to give their opinion, it's very helpful.

2. On a slightly darker (if hilarious) note my corner of the Interwebs blew up today over one author's response to a review of her book. When the kerfuffle started a week ago, the author had three reviews on Amazon of four and five stars. Now she has ten reviews, mostly one star.

Thou shalt not tick off your readers.

(If you want to see, the blog post is here. The author doesn't comment after her second "f*** off".)

3.  And finally, your Monday dose of cute via

Is there any day a bunny picture can't improve? I submit that there is not.

See you Wednesday!


  1. How adorable! Makes me want to get a bunny again.

  2. Great post. I CANNOT believe that comment thread that you linked to... WOW. I can't decided whether I should be laughing or if my jaw should hang in shock. Seriously.

    Anyway... CUTE, cute bunny! <3

  3. Well, it's late now, so your Monday Cute is the perfect way to end the day ...

  4. I echo The Director: WOW.

    I heard some buzz on Twitter about this, but I just checked it out. Dude. I can't believe someone would behave so unprofessionally!

    It would be bad enough to *say* those words in the heat of an argument, but the great thing about the internet is that you always have a moment to read over the things you've typed before hitting the post button.

    I actually feel bad for the lady. She killed any chance of making her book a success.

  5. FinvarraPenn- Yay bunnies!

    D.R.- Yeah, I prefer my hosenfefer a little more cooked and a little less hairy. *grin*

    Director- Pretty crazy huh? I don't really like the feeding frenzy that's evolved on it but it is a sterling example of what NOT to do.

    Joanne- Nothing like a little bunny at the end of a Monday, huh? :)

    Renee- Yeah, it's kind of sad, in a hilarious way. Or hilarious in a sad way, I haven't decided... It's a good reminder though, as we face submissions and eventual reviews. Always be classy. Never be crazy.

  6. So, I've just went to the Amazon page for the author's book, and I have to say I'm troubled by the gang-up mentality going on there.

    All those one star reviews (there are about 30 now) seem a little cruel. They didn't read the book. They came there to trash her. And even if they read the sample, I doubt any of those people had any intention to be open-minded.

    I think the author's atrocious behavior will do a perfectly adequate in deterring readers. And it will also probably cause many a sleepless night. Does she *really* need a bunch of people dog piling to make sure she knows she screwed up?

    Anyway, sorry. End rant. *climbs off of soap box* :)

  7. Renee- I don't really like the dogpile either. I read a bit of the Amazon forum thread on this, and someone pointed out that everyone who commented when this first started happening urged the author to stop, and for precisely this reason.

    The Internet can be vicious, especially when something like this goes viral. I was glad to see the author hasn't commented or gotten into fights elsewhere. Maybe if she keeps quit, this will blow over. Maybe.

  8. Very true! I'm glad she's laying low for a while. Because hey, if Chris Brown can try and restart a career, why can't she? ;)

    (For the record, I think Chris Brown doesn't deserve one ounce of fame. Ugh.)

  9. goodness me - that's one author I'll never ever read - she gives us English people a bad name! Couldn't decide whether to giggle or gasp in shock :) - thanks for a great eye opener!

  10. Renee- There are a LOT of people around who shouldn't be famous anymore. I just try to ignore them.

    Laura- Yay English people!

    I read British literature periodically and I have some customers who are British and not one of them talks like that. (Also, I both giggled and gasped. I couldn't help it.)


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