Shameful writer secrets...

 I have a shameful writer secret. Do you want to hear it?

Are you sure? Here goes....

*whispers* I love revising.

There. I said it.

Even now, hordes of angry writers are descending on my house to threaten me with pickforks and torches. Because all writers hate revising right? We love our words, our precious words, and don't want to see any of them thrown out.

Yeah, not me. I love revising. LOVE IT! Sure I have those times where you don't know how to fix anything and everything seems to be a horrible mess, but even then? I love it.

Revising for me is like solving a Rubik's cube.* I push the words and pull them and rearrange them and all of a suddenly... click. Everything drops into place.  It's like magic. You move this paragraph three pages over and rewrite a few sentences and suddenly your dialog comes alive. It starts breathing and moving and you want to cackle like a mad scientist and yell "IT'S ALIVE".

(Revising is also like Frankenstein's monster.)

 I bring this up because I spent about seven hours yesterday revising. SEVEN HOURS. A full work day. But it didn't feel like that long because I was enjoying myself.

And then today I spent seven hours at my day job. And well....

*awkward pause*

Anyway, do YOU have any shameful writer secrets?

*I've never actually solved a Rubik's cube. I'm not that cool.


  1. My best friend's husband can solve the Rubik's cube, while only glancing at what he's doing a couple times, in less than a minute. I've witnessed it. It's amazing! I've never solved it once, lol.

    I don't like first draft revisions because I get so overwhelmed at first. But once I immerse myself in it, I usually find myself enjoying it. I know a few writers who love it the way you do, though!

    Happy revising!!!

  2. I'm in the middle of a first draft and sometimes I can't wait until I get to the revision stage. I feel like I'll enjoy fixing scenes more than writing them from scratch. But it might just be a case of "the grass is greener on the other side." When I get to the revision stage, I might wish I was still writing the first draft. :)

  3. Laura- Yah Rubik's cube! And first draft revisions can be overwhelming, I agree. I like later revisions better, but I have had awesome things come out of first drafts, so I love the whole process.

    Ghenet- I know what you mean. I do enjoy fixing scenes more than writing them, but it's very easy to want to be any place other than where you are. :)

  4. *bwahaha*

    *glances around at the oncoming pitchforks and torches*


    I understand, though. Revising can be a beautiful thing. :D Not to mention a relief, sometimes!

    Currently, I'm the rewriting/completing the novel stage.....


    Both at the same time.... there's my shame. I finished NaNoWriMo last year with only the first third of my novel written, and so much had been left out on accident, that I'm rewriting the beginning, and then I'll be able to complete the story (can't wait.... the climax rocks.... *is unashamedly stoked*). Anyway.....

    Yup. Loved the post! Made my day.

    *bows and exits*

  5. I'm definitely in the Love Revising Club. To me, the story's done, and revising is adding layers, shining it up, editing. It just seems like I made it to the top of the roller coaster with the writing, and revising is the ride down.

  6. Director- Har. I like your secret! I once did NaNoWriMo by writing 50k words on a project I'd already started. *gasp* Good luck with the rewrite/writing!

    Joanne- Yah! You and I can start a club. :)

  7. I like revising too! It's definitely satisfying. :)

    My dirty little writing secret is that I always recycle parts of ideas. Characters, settings, plot twists—anything usable.

  8. I love writing the first draft. I actually don't hate revising but I wouldn't say that I love it. That's a much too strong of a word. I do feel satisfied though when I finally nail a scene.

    My dirty writer secrets?? Umm, sometimes I go for weeks without writing anything!!! I know, it's terrible!

    I love your blog title by the way! Awesome!

  9. Renee- Reduce, reuse, recycle? How very very green of you. :)

    Melissa- Thank you! A lot of my friends are first-draft lovers, but the first draft is always the hardest part for me. To each his own, right?

    I wish I could say I never go a week or two without writing anything, but that would be a lie. :)


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