Blog post called on account of revisions.

...and also because my brain exploded and I forgot. Sorry! *hangs head in shame*

A few snippets to tide you over until Monday.

1. I'm starting my voice series next week. So if you have any questions or things you'd like me to address, leave a comment on this post.

2. As much as I love revising, I'm haunted by the fear that I'm really making everything worse. Does anyone else have that problem? How do you get over it?

3. Also... a cat.

(I saw this on someone's blog last week and pretty much snorted coffee out my nose. But I can't remember who it was. So if it was you, well played!)

See you Monday!


  1. First chapters keep me second guessing, if I should have left it alone in revisions. For the most part I have plenty of palm-to-head-smacking moments wondering how anyone could ever think a first draft is passable. I know mine are far from perfect - to me revisions are a necessary evil. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I agree-- first chapter: minimal/no revision. Everything else: tear it apart. :P

    I can't touch my first chapter really, because if I do, I'll get stuck there FOREVER. XD

    Love the pic, btw. I'm glad I wasn't drinking my coffee while reading this post :P

  3. Indigo- *hugs back* My first drafts are always AWFUL. I can edit those fearlessly. But once I get to the polishing/tweaking stage, that's when the paralysis sets in.

    Director- I know what you mean. So EASY to get stuck at the start, isn't it? And I'm glad you weren't drinking coffee either! *evil grin*


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