Next question: Connection or money?

Wow, a lot of you chose option #2 in my Do You Have To Do This? poll. Veeery interesting.

What's also interesting is that those of you who chose option #2--success--also said you chose it because you want to reach as broad an audience as possible.

So I have one more question for you patient, lovely people. Would you rather be widely read and somehow never earn a dime for your writing? Or would you rather be wealthy and obscure?

Last question, I promise. Which would you choose? Connection or money?


  1. Hm, you're getting into a little tricky place here. Compensation is definitely a part of the writing equation as well, and without any, it might be difficult to continue indefinitely. Plus, I do think there is a monetary value to effective writing, as much as to any other craft. I could say the honorable thing, that the personal connections is reward enough, but those won't pay the electric bill. As long as I have some audience, even if it's small, I'm good with that.

    Now Miriam, curious minds want to know ... What's your stance on these last few posts?

  2. Tricky! Everything I do is about educating people about what I do. The best way to do that is to tell a story. I've always thought that I'd make more money speaking at conferences, or running healing workshops, but being published is a way to do that. I'm now Simon, the author of ... but it also works the other way. I'm an international speaker with a book. I'm choosing connections, and this is why. I was invited to the US, I said yes, but only came home with a few hundred dollars. This year I have three trips already planned, and now I'm coming home with thousands. Connections make that possible. I'm not published, I don't have an agent, but I have an audience and connections. I can be patient a little longer.

  3. Hmmm... I think the x variable for me would be.. HOW OBSCURE?

  4. Joanne- Oh dang, I was hoping you wouldn't ask that... Seriously though, I was planning on tossing in my two cents in Wednesday's wrap-up post. :)

    Simon- I know what you mean. Connections are so powerful aren't they?

    Jordyn- Obscure enough to make you feel like no one really reads your stuff, even though some people do. (Yes I'm mean, I know...)

  5. Hard to decide. The wealth is a big draw, but then would I feel fulfilled if it seems like no one really reads my books?

    If I'm widely read but never earn money from it, at least I would feel like my work is reaching people--I think that is more important than becoming wealthy.

    But hopefully I'll be widely read AND earn a living with my writing. :-)

  6. It boils down to this: If I knew I would never have a book published, I would still write. Maybe I wouldn't write the same things, but I'd still write. I always have.

  7. this is an easier question for me.

    Widely read with zero money.

  8. Rebecca- Fair enough. :) I know you chose number 1 for the other poll, so that makes sense.

    Renee- Oo, another vote for connection! *writes down* *studies data*


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