My weekend in pictures...

So first this happened:

Then this happened:

And then THIS happened:

So basically the last few days have been a tug-of-war between my need to rest my wrist and my need to play with my new toys. 

(Incidentally, Scrivener is AMAZING. Does anyone else have it?)


  1. My computer of choice was always a pc, until I used my daughter's MacBook. Now I'm all about the Mac, and when it's time to replace my desktop, it'll definitely be with a Mac. You'll love it!

  2. YAY MACBOOKS! Congrats! You're going to love it.

    Also, how cute are you two? :)

  3. Joanne- I already love it. So easy. So fast. *swoons*

    Renee- YAH! Thanks! Hopefully the video wasn't too goofy. I tried making another one the next day, but I just loved the stunned look on my face in the first version. :)

  4. Sorry about the wrist, and I've tried Scrivener, but dude. I'm a non-outliner, so it's not really something I get excited about, you know?

  5. Elena- That makes sense. I'm actually using it on a completed first draft. It makes it really easy for me to see the flow. (Kind of like your new notecards and storyboard, only virtual.)

    *whispers* I'm also using the computer to watch Castle while I blog. :)


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