Monday randomness (and a theory about Edward Cullen's past).

Sometimes my brain follows the most hilarious rabbit trails. For example, today I left a comment on the Midnight Meditations blog about how Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair and Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind would be perfect for each other. Which led to...

... an involved train of thought about Scarlett O'Hara and how dumb it was that she was fixated on that whiny, angsty Ashely Wilkes. Which led to...

... a HUGE revelation.


You can stop laughing now.

Really, it's okay. You can stop.


I know this sounds crazy, but consider the evidence.

1. They both despise themselves.

I'm such a terrible, depressed person.

Oh, the pain, the pain....

2. They both have a thing for brunettes.

 I'm spoiled and have too much personality for my own good.

 I'm angsty and disaffected and have... never mind.

 3. They both have excellent reasons not to get involved.

 I can't be with you, Scarlett. I'm married and you scare me. 

 I can't be with you, Bella. I'm a vampire and you smell like dessert.

SEE?  I think the photos speak for themselves. 

What do you think?


  1. Both Scarlett and Bella are teens (if I recall correctly), and both men are 'worldly'. Both men, once they have their woman, worry that they haven't entirely got them. SPOILER ALERT-> Both womens pregnancies are surrounded by a period of civil unrest. Both women do not produce a second child.
    Stopping here but love the pics!--Debbie

  2. I'm hopelessly out of touch with the Twilight phenomenon ... I didn't know who Edward Cullen was until I scrolled down and saw your photographs :/

  3. Debbie- Har. I like the point about civil unrest. (vampire wars! OMG, the Civil War was about vampires!) *snicker* Scarlett has more than one child in the book, but since I was talking about the movie, that parallel works as well.

    Ashley's not super worldly though, You might be thinking about Rhett Butler, who is infinitely more cool.

    Joanne- Embrace your ignorance, trust me. Exploring the weirdly addictive/ridiculous Twilight universe will only make you sad.

  4. Travis- Hmmm... overbearing, kind of arrogant, very confident, non-whiny and unappreciated.... YES! That's perfect.


    Darby- So am I, actually. I still find the whole thing vastly amusing. :)

  5. Yes, I was thinking Rhett in my analogies and Scarlett, even in the book, only has one child with him (Bonnie) who survives.

    Just ask Jasper about the Civil War!

    Gotta know now, team Jacob, or Edward? :D

  6. LOL! I'm on Team please-stop-stalking-Bella-and-bossing-her-around-and-TAKING-THE-ENGINE-OUT-OF-HER-TRUCK-and-watching-her-while-she-sleeps-and-being-all-pushy-and-KISSING-HER-AGAINST-HER-WILL-and-fighting-over-her-like-she's-some-sort-of-sports-prize-you-stupid-boys!

    I wouldn't date either of them, to be honest with you. My favorite characters in the series are Alice and Seth. :)

  7. So true...that's why I always weigh in with Switzerland! Everybody loves Alice, she's a given. :D

  8. Me? I'm on Team Why-can-Twilight-get-published-when-decent-books-languish-in-drawers-please-someone-take-publishers-to-the-loony-bin ...

    Miriam, I love your blog! So glad I came across it on Twitter. I'll be keeping up with it now :) Nice to meet another Miriam too!

  9. *snicker* I understand that. But I have to say, she's excellent with tension and keeping the story moving. I read all four books all the way through, and I don't finish books I don't get invested in. I was complaining all the way, but I did keep reading. :)

  10. Bella is not a character, she is a cardboard cutout.
    Edward is a creepy 900 year old virgin stalker.
    Jacob rides a motorcycle and turns into a huge dog. How original.
    There is no plot. Only one long list of Edward's every feature that makes the reader's brain implode.
    Oh, and one last thing.
    ... That is all.

    Fabulous post! I totally agree with everything you say - and the photo captions are hilarious xD


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