I just had my first Skype chat!

Yes, I know. I'm very behind the times.

But I have Skype now. And I know how to use it.

So if anyone wants to talk to me.... *hint hint*

What do YOU think of Skype?


  1. Miriam, you've become a real techie with that new Mac!! I haven't had a Skype chat, but I've seen others have them, it seems pretty cool.

  2. I prefer Gmail chat, but yes! I love video chatting! My parents do as well, since we live out of state. I also chat with my twin sister all the time. It's fun! And almost (*almost*) as good as hanging out. :)

  3. I love Skype! My hubby got to read my son a bedtime story tonight via skype. It was fantastic and my son went right to sleep! I don't know what we'd do over the next year without video chat of some sort.

  4. Joanne- I know, it's kind of hilarious isn't it? I was deeply intimidated, but it turned out to be pretty easy!

    Renee- Ooo, I'll have to check Google chat out! I like video chat better than actual phone, I think. Seeing people's faces is nice. :)

    Nikky- That's wonderful! I've been thinking about you lately with your husband gone. I'm so glad you get to video chat with him!

  5. I have Skype, but have only used it twice. I don't like it -- I'd rather people imagine me gorgeous than see my dowdy pj's and bed head! :)

  6. Amy- That makes sense. But now that I have it, we should have Skype pizza or something. :)

  7. I don't have Skype. Neither of my husband's or my mom has a computer, which is why at least for now I'd use it.

  8. Natalie- That makes sense. I got it specifically to chat with a writer-friend about a project we're doing, otherwise, I probably wouldn't have thought about it.


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