How to be a writer...

...according to Jay Lake. (Award-winning author of 10 novels and over 250 short stories)

"Write more. Listen to critique and feedback. If you’re inclined to work in short fiction, do so to build your writing resume. If novels are where your heart lies, write one. Then write another. Then revise the first. Then write the third. Then revise the second. Keep moving, keep working."

Read the whole post here. It's worth it.

What's the best writing advice you've ever gotten?


  1. Thanks for posting! That's a great article. =)

  2. awesome advice. I like how he makes it sound like you work a novel in shifts. I think it works best that way.

  3. Interesting stuff from Jay Lake. Thanks for putting it out there.
    Gee, the best writing advice I've gotten...
    "Write only what you're passionate about--what excites you, infuriates you. Write from just beyond what you know. The rough brushstroke. Wake them up." These were all words from Steven Wright, one of the teachers in my creative writing MFA program. He looked like a motorcycle dude, but he knew his literature like nobody's business.He's the author of Meditation in Green and The Amalgamation Polka.
    Miriam, I discovered your funny blogs on redroom, and now I'm folowing you here. I'm writing YA and middle-grade. If you want to check out my blog, I'd be delighted. Here's the link, should you be curious. Catherine

  4. Amanda- You're very welcome! I thought it was definitly worth sharing.

    Tamara- Exactly. Once I finish a rough draft or a rewrite, I set is aside until I've worked on something else for a while.

    I think it works because you get distance from your writing that way, and also because you learn new things from every book that you can take and apply to your other rewrites.

  5. Catherine- Welcome! It's always good to meet more writers! That is excellent advice, if we aren't passionate about our writing, no one else will be either.

  6. One of the best pieces of writing advice I received was to give my blog a specific focus. It really helped me over the years to develop content for it, and build its longevity.

  7. Joanne- That was an awesome piece of advice. I love your blog's focus. :)


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