2010 book recap, part 2

For those of you who are curious, here's how this year's book numbers ended up. 

2010 book count:

Total number of books I read in 2010: 181
Number of new books I read: 129
Number of books I read twice in 2010: 7

And here they are broken down by genre...

...and by age.

Conclusions: My reading habits have changed since last year. I read WAY more young adult stuff in 2010, but far fewer mysteries. (Oddly enough, my fantasy count stayed the same.) I also read more new books this year, and new books were a much higher percentage of the total.

It's tempting to say that the changes are because I'm taking my writing more seriously. I'd like to claim that I'm reading more YA and new books for research purposes, but the increase is more likely due to the fact that the people I hang out with online love YA and recommend awesome books with amazing frequency.

So how about you? Have your reading habits changed this year? And if so, why?


  1. I read significantly less this year, but mostly because a few writing projects, and a couple huge home improvement projects took over my life, leaving little reading time. Hopefully, 2011 will bring more books into my days ...

  2. I've been reading as much as I can. I've been trying to read more debut author books. Mostly I read fantasy or paranormal. I'm impressed with how you analyzed yours.

  3. Joanne- Hopefully! I know what you mean about busy. It's hard to find the time somehow, isn't it?

    Natalie- Thanks! I'm on Goodreads, and so I have "shelves" that I use to sort books. Also, reading more fantasy and debut authors sounds awesome!

  4. I think I'm reading more this year than the year before. I had a habit of rereading books I liked; I'm doing it less because there's so much good, new stuff out there.


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