2010 book recap, part 1.

 These are all the new books I read in 2010. Aren't they shiny?

(move the mouse over each thumbnail if you want the full titles.)

New Books of 2010

The Navel of the World
Lips Touch: Three Times
School of Fear
The Dirt Eaters
The Escape From Home
Lord Kirkle's Money
Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd
Peter and the Starcatchers
Murder at the Vicarage
4:50 From Paddington
The Looking Glass Wars
Raise The Titanic!
How to Say Goodbye in Robot
Valhalla Rising
Trojan Odyssey
Peter and the Shadow Thieves
Chronicles of Avonlea
The Ruins of Gorlan
The Burning Bridge

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Did you read anything new and wonderful in 2010?


  1. Wow! That's cool how you got all the covers to show up. I recognize some of them as ones I've read. One book I read that I loved was Linger. And The Iron Daughter. And . . . too many good ones, which is good.

  2. Holy cow, you read a whole latte books in 2010! A lot more than I did, that's for sure! Between a few home and writing projects, my reading suffered this past year, but I'm hoping to pick up speed with it again in 2011.

  3. To echo others, WOW. You read a TON of books! I'm impressed.

    My list would be much smaller if you count the ones I read cover to cover. I have a policy that I don't push myself to read past 50 pages, if I've lost interest. There are just too many on my TBR list! I always give it a good 50, though. And if I'm on the fence, I'll push on to 100.

    P.S. I'm happy to say that I read most books all the way through. :)

  4. Natalie- Isn't it neat? It's a widget from Goodreads. I want to read The Iron Daughter, maybe I'll be able to this year. :)

    Joanne- Heehee, love the latte pun. :)

    Renee- I know what you mean. I don't count books I don't finish because I might give up on them for a lot of different reasons. I started at least a few books in the last year that were well written, but that I just wasn't in the mood for.


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