Things I tell myself

Yesterday--in the process of explaining why she doesn't give herself the Awesome Stamp--Elana Johnson posted a question on her blog. 

What do you tell yourself--or don't tell yourself--to keep moving forward?

What makes this question so interesting is that I'm in the middle of reading The Screwtape Letters for the fifty-bajillionth time and I came across these lines.
A man is not usually called upon to have an opinion of his own talents at all, since he can very well go on improving them to the best of his ability without deciding on his own precise niche in the temple of Fame...

(The) ideal is a man who, having worked all day for the good of posterity--if that is his vocation--washes his mind of the whole subject, commits the issue to Heaven, and returns at once to the patience or gratitude demanded by the moment that is passing over him.
~ C.S. Lewis
I love this. And to answer Elena's question, this is what I tell myself all the time. I am not called upon to decide how my work shall be used and remembered. I am only called to do it, and do it as well as I can.

That's what I tell myself anyway...



    Second, this is brilliant. You are brilliant.

  2. Aww, thank you! *ducks head* *blushes* Quoting C.S.Lewis is one of my favorite ways to sound smart. :)


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