Some things that are awesome.

 1. National Novel Writing Month

Yes! That is in fact, a winner banner, and I did in fact write 50,000 words in thirty days. What is even more awesome, my dad also won, and on his first year out too! AND he beat me, which is slightly less awesome but still pretty cool. *grin*

2. Baby Animals

OMG KITTEN!!!!!  I dare you to watch this and not die of cute. (via


3. Coffee with whip cream. (Especially when it's snowing outside)

Come on,  you know you want some!

What's been awesome for you this week?


  1. Congrats to you and your Dad on your NaNo accomplishments! It must've been fun to be in a friendly competition like that. Happy writing to you both ...

  2. Congrats on winning!!! That's fantastic. :) I wuz gonna this year . . . yeah, let's not talk about that. :)

    Also, OMG! Must. Have. Kitten. Kitten. Shall. Be. Mine.

  3. Joanne- Thanks! Yeah, being in a competition made the whole month more entertaining. It's probably a large reason why I finally won this year. :)

    Renee- NOT IF I FIND IT FIRST! :) Seriously, every time I watch that, I want a kitten. Or a puppy. Or something!


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