No one ever told me I should do this...

Recently an agent I follow on Twitter, the lovely Mandy Hubbard, made the comment that she likes to see brief summaries of what authors are working on when she wanders the blogosphere.

A week later, an author I admire came by here and said she wished she could read an excerpt of my book on the blog.

Doing a current projects page was something I'd thought about before, but I was never sure how it would come across.  The last thing I want to do is to make this blog read like an advertising billboard.

So I'm compromising. For anyone who want to see what I've been working on the last three years, you can go here, or click on the Current Projects tab.

Everyone else, you can just hang out on the main blog where I will continue to provide you with writing tips, random thoughts and kitten pictures.

What do you guys think about this? Do you like seeing what an author is working on? Or do current project lists rub you the wrong way?


  1. Yeah, I saw that tweet and it got me thinking too. I don't have a current projects tab but I'm thinking about adding one. Hmm...

  2. I really haven't seen this done, but like the way it showcases your work, almost like a portfolio. It's nice to have it available for blog readers to take a look. And, I like the sounds of Life As A Cat, interesting premise going on there!

  3. I think it's a great idea to put the info out there for those interested.

  4. Miriam! I'm so excited to know what you are working on! After reading your project summaries I have to say I'd like to read them all. :)


  5. See this is why I need a full on website, rather than a blog. There's just not enough room on a blog. Hmmm.

    Anyway, I love your story ideas. Very intriguing!

  6. I think it probably can't hurt, as long as you don't post too much of the actual story. It gives potential readers and agents a chance to read a bit of your work. And since it's on a separate page, you don't have to feel like you're "plastering" your blog.

  7. Jade- Yeah, I never really thought about it either. But putting it together was kind of fun.

    Joanne- I like calling it a portfolio. Sounds all professional and stuff. :)

    BellaVida- Hooray! Yeah that's what I was thinking too.

    Rachel- Thanks! It was exciting to lay them all out in one place. :)

    Renee- Thank you! And if you're in Blogger, you can just do a different page like I did.

  8. Helen- Thanks for the input. I'm glad to know it doesn't feel like "plastering". I definitely didn't want to do that! :)

  9. Just read your excerpt. Its sooo good! I want to read the whold thing now :D

  10. I think it'd be great for you to post the blurbs, maybe shorter, on your side bar. I was excited to read what you're working on. And reading your awesome query-like blurbs may help me with mine.

  11. As a blog reader, I have to admit I do like to see bits of what people are working on. As a blog writer...I'm not so sure. I read an article on the advisability (or not) of sharing your plots before they're published a while back and wrote a post myself with some of my thoughts on it. (

    On the advertising angle - no, I don't think it's a bad thing, especially if your book has been published or is on the way to publication. I don't see how anybody can find fault with your having a page that tells about your book.

  12. Joanne- Thank you. :) Hopefully you'll be able to read the whole thing when it releases. Whenever that is. *sigh*

    Natalie- The blurbs for Houses and Cat are actually shortened versions of the query letters I put together. :) When Flute comes out, I'll probably put a shorter blurb on the sidebar for it.

  13. Elisabeth- I wandered over and read your post, and I can understand your concerns. From what I've read on both sides though, ideas are everywhere; it's execution that matters.

    A good example of this are SKINNED by Robin Wasserman and THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX by Mary Pearson. Same basic concept: girl dies in car accident and is brought back in an artificial body. The books even came out around the same time. But the writing, the characters and the worlds are vastly different. And both books were successful.

    I'm very interested in the ongoing conversation though, I think there are good points on both sides.


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