Introducing Huxley

As some of you may recall, at the beginning of November I tweeted that I'd found my muse for National Novel Writing Month.

Meet Huxley.

Huxley is not just any mouse, he's a writer mouse. And he's become my new blog/writing mascot.

In addition to nagging me about my writing, Huxley's been busy doing other things around the house as well

Making new friends

Watching CSI: New York

And of course, reading. He's become very fond of British authors.  I blame his adorable waistcoat.

Do you have a writing muse?


  1. I love Huxley, especially the way he keeps himself busy when you're not around :) I don't have a m(o)use that compares to Hux, but I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for one!

  2. Joanne- He is cute, isn't he? :) Seriously though, I like having something tactile I can pull out and set up. It helps tell my brain "it's writing time!"

  3. He is adorable! He looks like a very fun writing muse.

    My muse is an insane fairy. One of my friends told me this quite a while back, and I realized how very right she was. And then at the same time, my mother (who knew nothing about this) sent me a stuffed fairy and a bag with a fairy on it.

    Your muse seems much sweeter than mine.

  4. Laura- Oo! How do you tell if a fairy is insane? And what kind of insane is it? I have so many questions about this!

    Ethan- Isn't it? I thought so too. :)


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