My favorite writing movie ever

Movies about writers and writing are all around us, and everyone has their favorite. Me being me, I have more than one.

As cool as all these movies are, the minute I popped this movie in, I knew I'd found the perfect start to the month.

From the back copy:

Publish or perish! Alex has just 30 days to finish his romance novel and collect his writing fee--money he owes to loan sharks threatening his life. So stressed-out Alex hires Emma to be his stenographer and discovers she's opinionated, direct, a cause of exasperation... and a source of inspiration.

From director Rob Reiner comes a movie about when Alex met Emma, a fun affair set in both the modern world Emma and Alex share, and the 1920's Gatsby-like world of the book they're creating. 

Let me recap. He's a writer. Who has to write an entire novel in 30 days. AND you get to see the process as it unfolds and watch the characters act out the book. It's pretty much the perfect NaNo movie.

If you're unconvinced, here's the trailer.

How about you. What's your favorite writer/writing movie?


  1. I'm intrigued and can't imagine how I missed this one! Thanks for the post and the trailor
    .When Harry Met Sally is my hubby's and my movie so much so that we can quote nearly the entire film verbatim. We can find a line from that movie to fit any occasion and sometimes slip them in a conversation for our own amusement!
    Before getting married we met with the dj who asked what was to be our first song. With no idea, we both thought about it and the next time we got together we both said, 'I've got the perfect song." It was one of those 'you first', 'no, you first' moments. Turns out that we had both chosen the same song, 'It Had To Be You'.(Might I add that it took eight years for us to commit to each other so it was apropos in more than one way!)
    Hope the creative juices keep flowing...otherwise there's always the coffee!

  2. I thought Alex and Emma was adorable, but my favorite really is Stranger than Fiction. It's just so odd and funny and heart-breaking and surprising! One of the best move moments ever is when Harold Crick says, "Yes, I'm happy to know I'm not a golem," (although, there are way too many people that just don't get why I think that is hilarious and clever).

  3. Debbie- That is a GREAT movie. I do love me some Rob Reiner. :)

    Rebecca- That one's definitely a close second, but it was a lot more bittersweet, and this month I'm in the mood for happy-you-can-do-it-movies. Depends on the mood, I guess! *grin*

    Stephanie- It's pretty awesome, I must admit...


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