Monday thoughts

1. There was frost on my car this morning. And not just any frost. This was heavy-duty, kryptonite frost that took twice as long to remove as it should have. VERY ANNOYING. My thought is, if it's going to be that cold outside, it needs to snow.

2. This past weekend was fun, if extremely full. Two sets of out-of-town friends came through, and there was lots of eating out and laughing. I was pretty much gone the entire time, and very little writing was accomplished. However, I saw it coming, and wrote extra all the other days of the week, coming in just on schedule. Now if I can just get past the dreaded Week Two... *shudder*

3. I am having serious problems with the love triangle in the book I'm reading. The book is excellent overall, but the love triangle is giving me fits.

Let me break it down. Our heroine is trying to choose between:

GUY A: The guy she's betrothed to, He's a bit of a jerk and she doesn't really like him that much, but he does make her knees go weak and her blood hot.


GUY B: The stranger she just met, a slightly nicer guy she's not supposed to be with, who makes her knees go slightly weaker and her blood go slightly hotter.

Now both of these guys are pushy, even physically pushy. I can't think of much difference between them, except that one is encouraging her to keep the status quo, and one is encouraging her to rebel. She doesn't have a strong emotional connection to either of them that's base  on more than attraction. And at this point (halfway through the book) she doesn't care deeply about hurting either one, she's just drawn to both of them, almost against her will.

I am having a really hard time with this.  The guys aren't different enough, and the I don't have a strong investment in seeing her choose one or the other. And I know she's going to pick the guy she's not supposed to, so I'm having a hard time finishing the book.


What do you guys think about love triangles? What makes them work or not work?


  1. Love triangles are hard. Sometimes they push the conflict along and make things more exciting, but other times they're just annoying. I think they work best when the character has some sort of inner split in her personality and the two love interests appeal to each of her two sides. Then choosing the right mate becomes part of the character's pursuit of her own path.

    I'm trying to think of a favorite love triangle and can't think of one! I wasn't too enrapt by the most recent I've noticed (Katniss-Gale-Peeta and Bella-Edward-Jacob).

  2. Wendy- Have you read Matched by Allie Condie? There's a great triangle in that one, and it does play off the idea of both guys appealing to a different side of the protagonist.

    Plus it's got a great twist that makes the whole situation make total sense. :)

    I liked the Katniss triangle mostly because I honestly didn't know which one she was going to end up with. I agree with you about Bella though. Not my favorite.:)

  3. I want to read Matched and will see what I think about the love triangle. I can't think of a great one either though sometimes I do feel pulled wondering who will be picked. But sometimes I do get tired of them because it's not really that nice to be sort of involved with two different people. It's kind of like leading one on. I know it adds to the tension of the story but maybe there's a different creative way to do it.


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