Things I'm behind on.

1. Dishes

2. Laundry

3. Exercise

4. Emails

5. Blog Comments

6. Revisions

7. Submissions

8. Sleep

Things I do instead:

1. Reading

2. Eating

3. Work

How was everyone else's week?


  1. identical from the sounds of it. arggh.

  2. I'm trying to keep up with all those things too, as the wallpaper is all down, but the spackling and sanding takes over :/

  3. Jan- I'll see your "argh" and raise you a "grrr". :) Hopefully the weekend will be better for both of us.

    Joanne- Yeesh, you're braver than I am. I've done wallpaper and I'm NEVER doing it again. I'd rather live with ugly walls. *shudders*

  4. Yeah, I'm beginning to think more seriously about implementing bread plates here at home. It would be so much easier to just EAT the dishes instead of clean them all the time. :)

    But sleep is important! Get on that right now!

  5. I've actually caught up on a few things over the past week or so. But I'm sure that won't last long!

  6. Wendy- Yes ma'am! *salutes Wendy* *heads to bed*

    Rebecca- Hooray! Good for you. :)

  7. I'm behind too. I went to an awesome SCBWI conference last weekend. So this weekend I need to catch up, including with yard work. Sigh.


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