Okay, so I WAS going to do a Banned Book Week wrap-up. But after the day I had today, the only thing I can think about is this:

(But I still like you, lovely readers. Come back on Monday, I should be feeling better by then,)


  1. :( Sorry for the lousy day. I hope things look up soon!

    Have a cute kitty. This might make you smile. Unless, of course you dislike cats. Or are allergic to them. Then you might be less than pleased with pictures of kitties. ;)


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. *needs to find out of there's a way to edit comments* I'm not used to blogspot yet.

    Okay, never mind... you have tons of cute animal pictures on your blog! AWWWWWW! Now I'm all feeling cheery.

    Note to self: don't go posting on blogs until you do some serious poking around.

    Or don't post when caffeine-deprived and exhausted.

    Yeaaaah, I'm going to stop sounding like a crazy person and leave you alone. ;)


    We like you, too. :)

  5. If you are so mad your hair is standing on end (perhaps it got that way when the steam came out of your ears), then no post today sounds reasonable! Just popping up to say I've really enjoyed your posts on this subject.

  6. uh oh. :( I hate days like that. Hope you feel better soon. I'm sending you a big calorie-free chocolate malt (in the silver mixing cup, so you get the extra from the bottom).

  7. Laura, that picture was adorable! And you can come be crazy on my blog anytime. :)

    Wendy- Isn't it? *grin* I always wonder what they did to that cat to make it so mad.

    Amy- YUM!! I will take calorie free chocolate malt any day of the week! And the mixing cup was a great touch, thanks. :)


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