I'm back!

How is everyone? I missed you guys. *hugs followers*

Well, my partly-forced unplugging period has been very productive. I'm all rested and ready for National Novel Writing Month.


This year's a bit different for me in terms of support and community. Not only do I have my area's Nano group to write with, I've also joined the NaNoWriMo Warriors group on Facebook. It's a great resource for tip and encouragement, especially if, like me, you're a bit overwhelmed by the actual Nano forums.

But the biggest thing that's different this year is that my dad, who lives in another city, is also doing Nano. And HIS group has challenged MY group to a word war.

So in addition to having more friends to write with, I'm also locked in deadly combat with my father. Kind of like this...

Definitely epic.

For those of you who don't care about November's writing free-for-all, don't worry. I'm not going to bore you with constant word counts or rants.

(Okay, maybe a few rants.)

What I AM going to do in November is talk about writing in general and first drafts in particular. I'll share some first draft tips that have been helpful for me, and also do a series of posts on voice, which is kind of like the unicorn of writing.

More on that later.

Things to do when your laptop starts to smoke.

1. Remain calm and don't scream. You might be in a coffee shop full of people.

2. Locate the source of the smoke and blow out the flame.

3. Shut the laptop and take out the battery.

4. Stare at the closed computer for several minutes, Try to figure out how to react to the fact that your primary writing/editing/internet tool just bit the dust.

5. Don't cry. Remember, you're in a crowded public place

6. Resign yourself to being more unplugged then you'd planned for the next two weeks. Thank your lucky stars that you don't have to blog regularly until next month, and that you have a desktop at home that only needs a little tweaking to be fully functional.

7. Cry anyway. But only a little.

P.S. I have, unaccountably, picked up a few more followers during my unplugging time. *waves to new followers* Don't worry, folks. I am coming back and I have something cool planned for you next month.

See you in November!

Unplugging and an adventurous contest

One of my favorite little cafes on the Internet is the blog of Beth Revis, who I've been following since before she was an debut author with a killer book. Beth does some great contests, and this one is no exception: you simply post about an adventure that you've had.

 Except I couldn't do it.

I've been racking my brains for the past week and I cannot think of a single thing to write about. Thirty years of mishaps, missteps, random moves and bizarre tales, and I could not summon a single one.

My brain is broken.

Things I'm behind on.

1. Dishes

2. Laundry

3. Exercise

4. Emails

5. Blog Comments

6. Revisions

7. Submissions

8. Sleep

Things I do instead:

1. Reading

2. Eating

3. Work

How was everyone else's week?


Okay, so I WAS going to do a Banned Book Week wrap-up. But after the day I had today, the only thing I can think about is this:

(But I still like you, lovely readers. Come back on Monday, I should be feeling better by then,)
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