Monday Snippits: Labor Day and Mockingjay poll

Happy Labor Day!!!

I hope those of you with a long weekend (like my husband) are having fun. And I hope those of you who have to work today (like me) are getting holiday pay.

Since I do have to run off to work, I just have a quick question. How many of you have read Mockingjay so far? I'd love to do a post discussing the book, but if most of you haven't read it yet, I can wait.

Who wants to talk about Mockingjay with me?


  1. Okay. I'm so curious to know which book you read twice. ;)

  2. I just started it! I will try to put it down before 11 tonight so that I get enough sleep. :-)

  3. just finished it tonight. I stopped halfway through and went back to read the last half of Catching Fire, then started MJ again - I was forgetting too much. Loved it. Felt that the ending, while bittersweet, was the right one IMHO.


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