WriteOnCon favorites: And the winner for funniest v-log is...

Pie in the Face (how characters react to situations) by author Rosemary Clement-Moore.

So awesome.

So hilarious.

And so true.

As much as I would love to post all of the WriteOnCon wonderfulness for you, that would be cheating. It would also be unnecessary, as everything--including transcripts of all the live chats--is still up on the WriteOnCon site. To help you out, here are the links to each day's events.

WriteOnCon Recap, day one

WriteOnCon Recap, day two

WriteOnCon Recap, day three



  1. Gotta love a video that not only gives you advice, but demonstrates it!

  2. I know! I laughed so hard at the last part. :)

  3. Thank you for linking to WriteOnCon! It sounds like you enjoyed the conference. And that makes me smile. :)

  4. I loved the conference, Elana, especially the fact that I could go back and read anything I missed at anytime. Thanks for putting it on!


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