More fun merit badges!

Yesterday I was browsing and wandered by the Merit Badger website. And guess what?  I found MORE merit badges that I've earned. Hooray!

Query Letter (I love the heart stuck in the envelope.)

Idea Trapping. (I've got so many jars like this!)

Reading Under Covers (I did this most of my childhood.)

My Bookshelves Overfloweth (Boy, do they ever!)

Professional Liar. (This is my favorite. Though the pants do look uncomfortable...)

Those are my merit badges for the summer. If you got merit badges this summer, what would they say?


  1. Oh my - I think I'd like to make some of these. I'd get 'indolent camper' with a picture of my tent set up in the back yard and a big mojito over top. And I'd get 'weed encourager' with rampant ragweed and dandelions at the cross. And 'half-baked plans' for so many projects I cannot divulge!

  2. Bwahahaha! I love those, Jan! 'Weed encourager' is my favorite.

  3. This summer I got the "Live & learn" and the "Do-it-Yourself" badges.

    You know why... ;)

  4. I sure do. But I think you should also get the "Perseverance" badge. And there's a "Book Launch" badge on the site you should look at too. :)


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