I'm going to WriteOnCon tomorrow!

Are you?

WriteOnCon is a free online conference for kidlit writers, hosted by some of my favorite Internet people in the whole world. Registration is free, and they have forums where you can get critiques on queries, works-in-progress and more!

If you're thinking right now, "Why didn't she tell us about this sooner?" it's because I'm a bad blogger friend and I was so busy with the plot posts that I completely spaced it.  Sorry, all. *hangs head*

But it's not too late!  Just click here to register, here to get the FAQ, and here to find out how the conference actually works.

And if you need more inducement, check out the awesome schedule for the first day.

WriteOnCon Schedule of Events:

(*all times EDT, LIVE events are noted in blue and will take place here. Content will take place on the main WriteOnCon site. Click here for more info about how this will run. Click here for information on the live events.)
Tuesday, August 10, 2010:
6:00 AM: Welcome Keynote by author Josh Berk
7:00 AM: Refining Your Craft with Each Book by author Janette Rallison
8:00 AM: Give Yourself Permission by editor Molly O’Neill
9:00 AM: Myths and Misconceptions by literary agent Holly Root, and editors Molly O’Neill and Martha Mihalick
10:00 AM: Illustrating Children’s Books by author/illustrator J.H. Everett and studio (series of 3, posted every 20 minutes)
11:00 AM: Bringing the Funny by author Rachel Hawkins
12:00 PM: Becoming a Career Author by literary agent Catherine Drayton
1:00 PM: Writing Middle Grade by author Jon Lewis
2:00 PM: Voice by literary agent Elana Roth
2:30 PM: Live chat with literary agent Suzie Townsend
3:00 PM: Writing a Query Letter by author Jodi Meadows
3:30: Joanna Volpe’s query critique
4:00 PM: Author Branding by author Shelli Johannes-Wells
5:00 PM: Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Revision by editor Kendra Levin
6:00 PM: Pie in the Face (how characters react to situations) by author Rosemary Clement-Moore
9:00 PM: Panel of Professionals chat LIVE (Elana Roth, Kathleen Ortiz, Martha Mihalick)
10:30 PM: Working with Agents and Editors, a live Workshop with literary agent Mark McVeigh

As I said, I'll be there tomorrow.
Will YOU?


  1. I did sign up, but I'm not sure how much I'll actually be able to participate.

  2. Yes, I'll participate as much as I can. I have to go to work though. It'll be torture not to click on the site all day. It sounds so awesome!

  3. Maureen- Well it's good to know you'll be there! And I think most of the stuff is pretty static, so you can browse the archives at your leisure. Let me know if you post anything for critique and I shall go critique it!

    Natalie- I KNOW! I actually get off pretty early in the morning all week, and I'm planning to do nothing but sit at my computer and be a conference zombie. Have you posted anything in the practice forums?

  4. I am going! And I'm super excited!

  5. I didn't realize until just now that MCs are supposed to be under 18. Mine definitely start that young, but by the time the main action of the book begins, they're definitely older. So I guess I can't post anything for a critique.

    Although, come to think of it, I'm not sure why they're older. This may be a meaningless point left over from the first draft.


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