I'm back!

For those of you just checking in, I was on blog/Internet break all last week. The blog break part went well, but unplugging from the Internet proved more difficult. No matter how much I tried, something cool was always popping up.

 Ooo, look at the shiny Internets!

All in all, I did a pretty good job. I got on periodically to scan my email and Facebook, tried to stay away from reading blog posts, AND succeeded in avoiding Twitter entirely.

That last one hurt. I love Twitter. All the funny little parts of people's lives, not to mention the fun links and great information. I can log onto Facebook and log off again in five minutes, no problem. Twitter sucks me in.

What about you? If you unplugged, what part of the Internet would you miss the most?


  1. I would miss my email. I love getting messages from people. It makes me feel loved. :)

    Welcome back - we missed you!!

  2. Amy- See, we're opposites there, because I'm awful at email. :)

    I missed you too!

  3. I would miss my e-mail. I only read blogs & Facebook, no twitter yet. I'm trying to set some limits because reading blogs is sucking away too much writing time.

  4. Natalie- That is a really hard balance, isn't it? I try to organize my feed reader into groups so I know which posts I really should read, and which I can just scan. If people would stop posting such cool stuff, we wouldn't have this problem!


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