My favorite thing about animal pictures.

Some of you may have noticed that I occasionally post pictures of cute animals on the blog. The reason I do this is that sometimes a picture can say more than all the witty words I can come up with. 

For example, I could TELL you about Evil Friday yesterday, and how all kinds of little things went wrong, or I could SHOW you...

This was what life did to me yesterday:

This was how I felt last night:



What's your favorite kind of picture?


  1. Animals are right up there. Especially when you impose human feelings and experiences on them! Hope you're feeling better today :)

  2. Joanne- Oh, much better, thank you! I took some time last night to just relax by myself and it was good.

    Animals are so expressive aren't they? (and cute)

  3. My favorite kind of picture is one that makes me laugh or go awhh. Both of those made me laugh! Animals can be so cute.

    Hope you're feeling perkier today.

  4. I like animal photos, but they have to communicate something other than just cute. For example this photo is perfect.

  5. Helen- They made me laugh too! And I am feeling better, thank you. :)

    DR- Hahahaha, that is a good one. But you don't fool me. I've seen pictures of your dog. You're just as susceptible to cute as the rest of us.

  6. Corey- Heehee... The second one is my favorite. :)


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