Monday Snippits: My favorite part of a first draft... when it's done.

*cues celebration music*

Woo-hoo!!!!!  *dances*

(pictures via

My least favorite part was the crash afterwards, but that's an entirely different post.

Done any celebratory dancing lately?


  1. Congratulations! What great news!

    I think I'll go do a dance in honor of those adorable penguins. :)

  2. Well, hmm -- if you're shaking your booty, may we assume you wrote your a** off on Saturday, as planned? :)

  3. Dancing? No, but that penguin is awful dang cute.

  4. Wendy- Thank you. Those pictures made me want to dance too!

    Jes- YES! I did indeed, and am actually headed over your way to leave a comment about it. *grin*

    Amy- No dancing, huh? Well hopefully life gave you some smiles, it totally owes you some. :)

  5. Congratulations! That is the best feeling ever! Those photos are ever so adorable too!

  6. Congrats. I'm not dancing, but I may have finished my query.

  7. Just out of the frame a pod of leopard seals are waiting......

  8. Congrats! I know how wonderful it is to finish a rough draft! And those pics are so cute too! :)

  9. Congrats! I danced when: I finished building Maree's garden (bonus love!), I found grey chest hairs (what the?), I finished the last blog post without pulling the grey's out! I've almost (it's been almost for a month) ready to query. Dancing soon. Have a great day, S.

  10. Jade- Why, thank you! I think they're adorable too. :)

    Natalie- Hooray! Queries are nasty beasts sometimes. Good for you!

    DR- You're such an adorable pessimist. But since these were taken at the ZOO, I doubt it. *grin*

    Star- Thanks! Baby animals make me happy. (I think they make almost everyone happy!)

    Simon- Sounds like (mostly) good reasons to dance! :) Have fun!

  11. Congrats on finishing the first draft, raising my coffee cup in a toast! Toasting your birthday, too, belatedly ... Happy 30th with many good wishes being sent your way :)

  12. Adorable pessimist! I only hope none of my fellow guild members in the Cynics Guild of America see you call me adorable! They'll suspend my membership *walks of grumbling about cutesy baby animals and goody two-shoes adjectives*

    BTW just because it is a zoo doesn't mean there can't be leopard seals in the next exhibit. Sure, putting the seals right next to the penguins is questionable, but hey if something happens think how educational it will be for the kids.

  13. Joanne- Thanks for the wishes and the toast! I'll drink (coffee) to that... :)

    DR- BWAHAHAHA!!! *laughs evil laugh* Behold, my kryptonite of cutesy description! Also, I pat you on the head with gentle amusement. *pats*


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