When writers make music videos

Jeff Foxworthy once said that all comedians do comedy because they can't sing, which may or may not be true of comedians, but is certainly NOT true of writers.  To prove it, here are a couple of videos the Internet sent my way this week.

Writer's Blok- by Jackson Pearce, via Saudra Mitchell


Signing in the Waldenbooks by Parnell Hall, via a bunch of people on my Twitter feed.


Also, you might notice that the number of followers on this blog is currently at ninety-nine, and has been there for about a week.  In honor of this almost-milestone, I've decided that when I reach one hundred followers, I will have...

A CONTEST!  In which I will give away BOOKS!  *cheers*

Now, all I need is one more follower...


  1. I think that Stephen King and Amy Tan are in a band too. The same one.

  2. I bet you hit 100 before midnight. :)

  3. LOL. I enjoyed the writer block video because I know how it feels to wake up in the morning all determined and then write 0 words. Lol.

    The signing books video is so hilarious. Pity! And the book title got me cracking up: "The puzzle lady vs. the Sudoku lady."

  4. Missed- I've heard that! But I've never actually heard any of their music. I wonder how they sound...

    Sharon- I wish! But sadly no. I'm sure I'll hit 100 in a few days though. Maybe. :)

    Jaycee- I know how that feels too. Happens to me all the time. And I agree with you, I want to read Parnell's book now!


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