Monday announcements

1.  I am now the proud possessor of a Nook!  And I'm not sure which is more awesome, the Nook itself, or the fact that my husband adores it. He got a free copy of Dracula and has been devouring it. (This is extra funny because my husband does not like vampires.)

2. I am still at ninety-nine followers, which means I can't have a Super-Awesome-Book-Giveaway yet. But I have faith. One hundred is coming....  EDIT: I'm over one-hundred!! Hooray!! Contest info coming up...

3. As some of you know, I'm up in CdA, which is why I wasn't around this weekend. What you may not know is that I'm up here for another adoption. This afternoon was family bowling with my sister's kids, and tomorrow is the official court day. Hooray!

How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was sad. And rainy and snowy which always makes me SOOO happy. [lies] What does make me happy, though, is to hear about all the fun you're having in CdA with your family. :) Keep it up!! xo

  2. Nook Smook! If you were a real reader you would have a Kindle, instead of being enticed by all the pretty pictures at the bottom of the Nook. ;-) BTW are you ready to get stomped again playing The Battle of the Sexes ?

  3. Ooo, a Nook. I've heard great things about those. :) You'll have to keep us posted on how you like it.

    P.S. You have 100 followers now! Woot!

  4. Amy- Awww! I saw that! Well I send you a hug and a wish for nice weather. *sends hug and wish*

    D.R.- I am a reader, but I'm also a writer and Amazon is kind of evil. And yes, I'm totally ready to get beat again. *rolls eyes*

    Renee- I will! I'm planning a whole post about it, but I want to get it home and play with it first. (And I second your woot! Now I can have a contest!)

  5. Congrats on eReader ownership! I have a Sony Reader and I love it!!

  6. That's great about the adoption in your family. I missed the first post. Your niece is such a cutie. My daughter is adopted from China. I agree. Adoptions are awesome.

  7. Stephanie- Ooo! I've heard good things about the Sony. And so far, the e-reader is very cool. :)

    Natalie- They are, aren't they? I love my niece and two nephews (one biological, one just adopted), and I'm so glad they're around. *grin*


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