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My brother-in-law recently posted a list of the top five countries (outside the US) that visit his blog.  I thought that was rather fun, and so I have blatantly stolen his idea.  Here are my top five for the last month.

1. United Kingdom: the top five visiting cities being London, Bristol, Manchester, Belfast and Nottingham.

2. Canada:  top five are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calagary and Winnipeg.

3. Australia contributed quite a few, including Melbourne, Sidney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

4. Germany chimed in with Duisberg, Hamberg, Hannover, Sulzbach and Essen

5. And finally the Netherlands, with Hilversum, Gouda, Boxtel, Amsterdam and Rhenen

I'm not sure what this demonstrates, (except that the blog seems to attract views from cities that are hard to spell) but it was fun to look up.

So thank you all of my top five, and everyone else around the world who drops in now and again. You are all full of awesome! *waves*

How about you? Where are YOU from?


  1. Burpengary (Nth Brisbane), Qld, Australia. I'll tweet you and see if we can get some more visitors. Have a good weekend, Simon.

  2. At least we share the English speaking visitors. Hooray for Manchester and Perth!

  3. Simon- Thank you! And a great weekend to you down there in Australia! :)

    Nic- Good old Manchester. I was also excited about Nottingham. It made me feel all literary and stuff. *giggle*

  4. I'm from boring U.S., central Texas, which, today, is clear and beautiful. I've been sitting on the back porch in the swing enjoying the moon disappearing behind the trees and the sun coming up.

    Straight From Hel

  5. Greetings from the state of Connecticut in southern New England. It's been unseasonably warm here, with temps tomorrow and Monday expected to reach 90 :/ Happy holiday weekend, Miriam!

  6. Helen- That sounds awesome actually. Especially since I'm sure it's raining in England. :) And according to my Austin friends, there's nothing boring about Texas!

    Joanne- And a happy holiday to you too! Enjoy the good Memorial Day weather. :)

  7. I'm from Ann Arbor. One thing I love about reading blogs is meeting people from other countries.

  8. Natalie- I agree, heck I'm just glad to meet people from other states. I can count the states I've lived in on one hand and still be able to point at people. *grin*


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