Monday Snippits: Coversations I have had

I'm on the phone with my five-year-old nephew, who's just finished a long and incomprehensible story about a solar system he's coloring.

Me: "And how's your hamster, Christian? How's Bob?"

Christian: "Bob?  Umm..."  long pause  "Bob is my hamster."

Another long pause

Me: "Oh. That's good..."

I'm helping customers at work. The customer at my register has five people behind her and cannot decide what she wants.

Me: "Do you have any questions?"

Customer: "Yes, what's the difference between soy and nonfat?"

Me: "Umm..."

Husband: "You look so cute with that hat on."

Me: "Really? I thought it might make me look dorky."

Husband: "No, it's cute. You look like Strawberry Shortcake."

Me: arches eyebrows

Husband: "In a good way."

Anyone else had funny conversations lately?


  1. Mother-in-law: I can't have any more milkshakes. I was having one a day for three weeks, but it drove up my blood sugar.

    Me: Maybe if you hadn't had one every day, you wouldn't have to give them up.

    Mother-in-law: No, I can't have anymore.

    Me: [blank stare].

  2. "You look like Strawberry Shortcake.." I'm sorry, that just made me laugh......

  3. This was so funny, I had to read it out loud to my Sweetie!

    Thanks, Miriam!

  4. I live with that 5 year old. I have funny conversations all the time.

  5. Amy- Bwahahaha! That's amazing. My coworker swears she had a customer once who didn't realize the white mocha she drank all the time had sugar in it. People are so weird...

    Trish- It made me laugh too, after my initial "huh?" At least he was talking about the new Strawberry Shortcake, and not the old one. That would have been traumatic.

    Wendy- You're welcome! Always happy to make people laugh. :)

  6. Nic- I love your kids, they give me half of my awesome stories. :)

  7. I was babysitting a five-year old, and after I put him to bed, he snuck into the living room and said to me,"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I said, " I don't know; what are you thinking?" He said, "Let's party!"

  8. I have a five-year-old nephew who loves animals & bugs–furry ones, creepy crawley ones, doesn't matter. Once he walked in on my sister watching a show about dissecting rats and he was horrified. "Mommy," he said to my sister, "They can scotch tape him up and he'll be all better, right?"

    Ah, if only scotch tape was so miraculous!

    Happy Tuesday, Miriam!

  9. Missed- Heehee, I think that all the time! Not enough partying in the adult life if you ask me. :)

    Laura- Happy Tuesday! It WOULD be nice if scotch tape could fix everything, wouldn't it? Though I can see someone developing medical duct tape in the future...


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