Monday Snippits: Adventures in irony

Last Friday...

5:15am- Alarm goes off. I flirt with the idea of quitting my job and going back to sleep. Practicality wins out and I get up, bumping into walls on the way to the bathroom.

6:00am- Drive to work, noting that the gas tank is nearly empty. But it's payday, so I'm not worried.

6:30am- Morning coffee and work

10:30am- On my break, I attempt to buy some lunch and a game I've been wanting. My card comes up declined. It's expired. I use the last of my cash for food.

2:30pm- Get off work, spend some time reading. Try to write, but my Dana is out of batteries.

3:30pm- Drive home, catch up on computer stuff and generally relax.

4:45pm- Realize three things. 1.) I'm hungry. 2.) There is next to no food in the house, and  3.) my card is expired and I have no cash. Husband's card is fine, but he's in school for the next couple of hours.

5:30pm- Husband calls, looking for his backpack. Can I bring it to him? Excited about getting the card, I run out the door without my coat.

5:31pm- It begins to rain. Hard.

5:40pm- I pick up the card and go straight to Winco, which is crowded. I have to park in the next lot over and walk. In the rain.

6:00pm- I get in and out in of Winco in record time. Despite being wet and cold, I'm feeling pleased with myself and happy to have gotten dinner, so I decide to buy gas on the way home.

6:15pm- I lock the keys in the car at the gas station.

6:16pm- I say many bad words, while rattling the doors to try to make them open.  I'm only a block from home, but I can't get in without the keys. My purse and phone are both in the car.

6:17pm- Try to call husband from the gas station. It turns out to be a long distance call and I'm refused.

6:18pm- The nice gas-station lady lets me use her iphone. Husband picks up on the second call. He's just finished, but it will take him twenty minutes to walk to the gas station.

6:20pm- To entertain myself, I open up the paper and check my horoscope. This is what it says.

Your noble effort to complete certain projects, return calls and/or clear your desk might be frustrating.



  1. Oy, one of those days! Hope you had a wonderful Easter to make up for it :)

  2. Wow, your 20 minute grocery shopping trip is impressive! Next time read your horoscope in the morning :)

  3. Oh honey, that's not a very good day. I hate being wet. Ick. But at least when you got home, you had a nice dinner? xo

  4. Which is why it is always a good idea to read your horoscope to be prepared. :D Not that it would matter much. You'd still have issues I'm sure.

    Sorry you had such a bad day. Here's a hug. {{hug}}

  5. OMG, what frustration. I feel for you.
    Go back to sleep and try again tomorrow.

  6. Joanne- I did, thank you! :)

    Laura- I was impressed, too. I think it was a combination of being cold, (I was in no mood to browse) and catching a fast moving grocery line. I'd say the stars aligned, but given the rest of the trip, that would just sound silly. :)

    Amy- Yes! I had soup as a matter of fact, just the thing to warm me up and make me happy. Welcome back!

    Caledonia- Oh, thank you! I never turn down a good hug. And I would read my horoscope more but a.) I don't get the paper, and b.) they're USUALLY wrong. I may have to rethink that last one though...

    PJ- Aww, thanks. Sleep does cure a multitude of ills. In fact, I'm planning an early bedtime tonight. :)

  7. Yikes, what a day. At least someone let you use their phone. I didn't want to go to work either today & had a similar day to you, though not nearly as bad at the end. You had a pretty amazing horoscope.

  8. What a crazy day. My apologies, but I laughed when you locked the keys in the car. Just could not believe one more thing happened! I hope this whole week goes brilliantly for you, just to make up for Friday.

    Straight From Hel

  9. Natalie- I hope your day got better! I don't know if it's the weather or what, but lately I never seem to want to go to work. :)

    Helen- I actually laughed too, in a "Really? What the heck!?" sort of way. Thanks for the good wishes, I hope your week is awesome too!

  10. OMG, that's so funny. So, so sad...but so funny! I'm glad you were able to laugh at it. And while I'm very sorry you went through it, I'm glad you shared it!

  11. Thank you for having the good spirit to let us chuckle with the story of your unfortunate day. I hope your Tuesday is much better than your Monday!

  12. Beth- Thanks! I thought it was too delicious not to share, especially with the horoscope at the end. Sometimes life is just like that. :)

    Rebecca- Fortunately, the week did improve from there. *grin* And the next time I put gas in the car, you can bet I'll leave the door open!


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