In which I tell the truth.

 So, last Wednesday, we played this game...

I told you six lies and one truth, and everyone got to guess what the true answer was. I also threw in a bonus lie, which pretty much everyone guessed. I am NOT an accomplished liar. At least not in person. On paper though, I'm a little better.

As promised, here are the answers!

1.) I broke my foot in high school when I was run down in a crosswalk.

FALSE:  This is a tricky one, and caught most of my family. I broke my foot the same year I got run over, but the two did not happen at the same time.  I actually broke my foot missing a step on the stairs. Lamest. Injury. Ever.

2.) Once while I was donating plasma, I fainted dead away. They had to send me home.

FALSE: I did a regular plasma-donating stint about five years ago, and while I did develop some vitamin deficiencies, I never fainted.

3.) For a short time, I roomed with a girl who was a stripper.

FALSE:  She was a table dancer. (and a lovely, sweet girl) In fact she told me her favorite part of the job was that she didn't have to strip, which I agreed was a definite perk.

4.) My favorite food is tacos.

FALSE:  Tacos are one of my husband's favorites. My favorite food is pasta, specifically macaroni and cheese. I also adore soup.

5.) My husband and I became friends while I was volunteering as a roadie for his local band.

TRUE:  Two of my good friends were the lead guitarists/singers of the group. (My husband was the bass player). I loved music, so it seemed like a good idea to hang out with them a lot. I wasn't a particularly good roadie, but I did help pack equipment and roll cables.

6.) I beat my husband at Scrabble on a regular basis, which makes him quite amusingly frustrated.

FALSE: I have NEVER, not ONCE beaten my husband at Scrabble. Never. And he's not even a writer, he's a math geek. Who beats me and everyone else on a regular basis. Stupid game. *growls*

7.) I used to have a boa constrictor as a pet. His name was Sandy.

FALSE:  I wanted a boa constrictor after my garter snake, named Sandy, died. My mom said I couldn't have any snake that wouldn't fit under her foot.

How did you do?

Now, normally I would pick a certain number of people to pass this on to, but since I had SO much fun with this, I'm doing something different.

If you are a follower of this blog, you automatically get this award. And if you leave a link in the comments to your various lies, I will go and guess which is the truth. That way, everyone can play.

Go forth and deceive!


  1. That was fun! I didn't remember to guess, though. :( But I think I was going to pick the tacos as your truth. It seemed so deceptively simple. You're tricky!

    I'm rooting for you during your next Scrabble game!

  2. He beats you BECAUSE he is a math geek. Probably gets all those words in just the right spots so he can outscore you. My hubby does that to me. I've only beaten him once and he hardly ever even reads!

    I missed your post from last Wednesday, but it was still fun reading these answers.

  3. Laura- Thanks! I'm glad you think I'm tricky, especially since I'm such a terrible liar in person. :)

    Rebecca- That must be it! He LOVES getting those high word scores. It just seems so wrong that math people are better at Scrabble than we are, doesn't it?

  4. I love these blogger awards, because people always put a grain of truth in almost every single fact, false or not! So much fun to get to know each other better :)

  5. Rebecca T.- I agree with you, this was a lot of fun. You should play too! *grin*


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