In which I tell lies.

 A while back, my good friend Amy over at the Invisible Sister blog gave me this award.

And since I am both a creative writer and an accomplished liar, I was delighted to play.

The idea is that I have to tell you six lies and one truth, and YOU have to guess what the true one is. (Answers will be revealed next Wednesday.)

Here we go!

1.) I broke my foot in high school when I was run down in a crosswalk.

2.) Once while I was donating plasma, I fainted dead away. They had to send me home.

3.) For a short time, I roomed with a girl who was a stripper.

4.) My favorite food is tacos.

5.) My husband and I became friends while I was volunteering as a roadie for his local band.

6.) I beat my husband at Scrabble on a regular basis, which makes him quite amusingly frustrated.

7.) I used to have a boa constrictor as a pet. His name was Sandy.

Okay, now that I have finished telling you all kinds of outrageous things, can you spot the truth? 

(Bonus points to whoever spots the eighth--um.. I mean seventh--lie hidden in this post.)

See you Monday!


  1. I think the eighth lie is that you are an accomplished liar. I bet you're not. As for the truth, I'm going to guess #1, though it's a total guess. I could only rule out one or two of these.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Okay, let's try this again...

    First of all, you are not an accomplished liar (1)

    and, lemme see....

    number 6 is true.

    Although I could be wrong and you could be one helluva liar ;-)

  4. Well, I can rule out several, but not enough to make me comfortable with my guess.

    Also, you were supposed to put in 6 lies and one truth... meaning that there would not be an eighth lie at all... making that your seventh lie... or am I over thinking this...?

    I guess that number 5 is true.

  5. Well I remember that your husband is a musician, so #5 has to be the truth!

    Fun post, have a nice weekend ...

  6. Thebeloved- Har. You're not overthinking, I just can't add. I meant seventh lie, of course!

  7. I'm guessing #2. Just cause I can. And because I know people this has happened to. I love these awards!

  8. Nic- Actual money? Like a bet with Bekah? (If you don't, you should. That would be awesome.)

  9. I don't think you like tacos that much.

  10. You are not an accomplished liar, and you donated Plasma.


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