This is why I shouldn't own a goat...

*falls off couch laughing*  If I had these goats, I swear I would scare them ALL THE TIME. And then probably get arrested or sued or something. 

Do you want more goats?

Although I'm not sure whose funnier in this video, the goats or the reporters. Har.


  1. Those are funny. My son suggested I get fainting goats when we considered buying property in a gated community that restricted livestock. He said if the homeowners assoc folks came by I could just scare the goats and tell the people they were yard ornaments.

  2. Do you know Megan Whalen Turner's work? (The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia, and, out in 10 days! A Conspiracy of Kings.) Anyway, in the second book there's a bit about goats which makes me laugh every time I think about them now. That was all very complicated for me trying to say, "Yay goats!"



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