Monday Snippits: Things that make me happy.

Last month, I got the Happy 101 award from Jason at the Nocturnal Writing Journal. I didn't see the award for a couple of weeks, and then after I found it, it got lost in the shuffle.

However, I do like this award and appreciate it, so here it is, just a little late.

Now I'm supposed to tell you ten things that make me happy and choose five other people for this award. And since I'm a multi-tasker, you get a link list!  (not all mine, I promise) Here we go...

Ten Things That Make Me Happy.

1. My blog readers! (seriously, you are all full of awesome)

2. My new workstation

3. The six days of vacation I just had

4. Fainting goats

5. Awesome songs like this one. Or this one. Or this one...

6. Cute baby animals

7. Reading lots of books, all the time. And also writing them.

8. Scaring people with randomness

9. Funny stories about customer service.

10. And last but not certainly not least, my husband.

Now for the five who get the award.

Beth Revis, who might be the happiest person I know right now.

Helen over at Straight from Hel, because she needs more questions to answer. *evil giggle*

Winne at Opera Buffo, who's always awesome.

Joanne at Whole Latte Life, because her lovely pictures make lots of people happy.

And Weronika, who made me happy with her generous query critique project a couple of weeks ago, and who has lots of good stuff to say about publishing.

How about you? What makes you happy this week?


  1. Congrats on your Award, and thanks so much for sending a little happiness my way :)

    What makes me happy this week? Let's see ... My daughter and I had been sharing a car for the past year. Last week she bought a car, so I'm happy for her that she has her own wheels, and I'm happy to have my wheels back!

  2. That's awesome, Joanne! Enjoy having your wheels back!

  3. THANK YOU! Can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

    I've, um . . . *blushes* . . . added you to my thank you list.

  4. Oh, Miriam, you're SO kind! Thinking about all these happy thoughts will give me something to think about while I'm laying over tomorrow!

    I know I'm happy that I've made such wonderful writing & blogging friends!!

  5. Weronika- You're welcome! *grin* I think it's funny that three of us gave you the same award. That's what you get for bringing in new followers! :)

    Wendy- I know, I've really grown to love the blogging community. So many kind people. You're welcome, and have a good layover!

  6. Well, seeing the pic of you and your husband makes me happy. Y'all are so cute.

    And thank you for the reward, evil grin and all. I shall start pondering what makes me happy.

    Straight From Hel


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