Opinons please. What do you think about v-logs?

I was recently reminded by my husband that we own a webcam, which I've never used. And lately I've been thinking about adding some video talks to the blog now and then.

What do you think? Do you like video blogs?  What topics would you want? (book reviews, writing advice, etc.)

And for those of you who've done video blogs in the past, do you have any pointers?

Any and all opinions welcome!


  1. I've never done a v-log. I usually just write up my posts well in advance and set them in Scheduler as I move on to other things. But to change things up every now and then, varying your content that way, a v-log seems a good option.

  2. Joanne- That's what I was thinking. Just something to keep things fresh. Do you ever watch v-logs on other people's sites? Or are they something you click past?

  3. I guess my general reaction is 'meh.' If you do them from time to time, that's nice. But too much of them and I do tend to click past.

  4. Meh is a good reaction for me, too. I don't bother clicking on a video unless it's really good. Vlogs bother me, especially when there's some crucial info on the vlog that you can only get when you download the video. For example, if your posts is written, then there's something additional and interesting in the vlog, cool. If your whole post is the vlog, uncool.

  5. It's funny because my exact response was going to be "meh."

    Vlogs are fun, but for some reason watching one seems like a bigger time investment than reading a post. That said, they can be pretty hilarious sometimes.

  6. Maureen- Oddly enough, that's exactly how I feel about most videos. :) But some are good, which is why I'm considering this.

    Beth- Oo, good point! I'll keep that in mind if I decide to put up a video for any reason. Make sure the post is complete in and of itself. I hadn't thought of it that way.

    Renee- A lot of videos ARE a bigger time investment. It only takes me two-three minutes to read most blog posts, less if I skim. Videos are often longer.

    The hilarious bit is what keeps me coming back to the idea. I've seen some really well-done, funny ones that add content and interest. This of course, assumes I can be hilarious and interesting. :)

  7. I am totally, newly addicted to doing these. I love them, and I've love to see one from you!


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