Monday Snippits: In which I blab about rewriting.

I'm rewriting the novel I finished in November.

Yes, November.  For National Novel Writing Month.

Now granted, I rebelled a little and decided to finish a book I already had 15,000 words on. But I finished it in four weeks.

Has anyone here ever sat down and tried to rewrite their Nano novel before?  If not, let me tell you, it's an adventure.*

- For example, the already-written part and the new stuff? Totally different voice. Took me a whole day to fix.

- When you write for November, you just write, even if stuff is out of order.  Putting scenes in coherent progression? Another two days of banging my head against the keyboard.

- And what about pacing? Don't make me laugh. Who has time to worry about pacing in November? I've been working on that all week and I'm still not done.

Rearranging things, putting in transitions, figuring out if I need new scenes, that's where all my energy is going these days.  I'm just trying to make the dumb thing readable so I can send it to my beta readers.


*not that I'm ungrateful. I probably wouldn't have had a book to rewrite this year if it hadn't been for Nano.


  1. Re-writing is always a journey hey. good luck with yours. I am thinking of doing Nano this year. I have a story to tell. I didn't have one last year, so I didn't enter. What I did have was a book that needed editing. I am still working on that. I have a dead line of May to finish this third edit/re-write. Yes. Third. Gosh. does it ever end? :)

  2. Tabitha- I'm guessing no. And when I'm done iwth the scruture rewrite I still have character refinment, tightening, etc, etc. *headdesk

    You should try Nano, it's a good kick in the pants if you're having problems getting a story down. The support is awesome too.

  3. I enjoy the rewrite stage, it's a little like having all the puzzle pieces in front of you, and now you have to fit them all together, twist and turn them, fit them in to make that final picture. Enjoy!

  4. Oh man, I'm still having nightmares about my recent months slaving over rewrites. *shudder* At the moment, I'm rather enjoying just first drafting it. But, good luck.

    P.S. Your last post cracked me up! Hoodie Foodie pjs? Brilliant. I must have them. :)

  5. Fun blog! Saw your post over at Joanne's place and just HAD to visit.

    Nano's a kick in the pants, no? So is my agent and editor!!! LOL.

  6. Joanne- There is definitely a fun element, especially now that thing is starting to make sense. Mostly it was the pacing that was making me mad. *grin*

    Renee- Sorry, didn't mean to give you flashbacks. :) Also, I've decided that yelling "Hoodie-Footie-Snuggle-Suit!" a few times is a guaranteed de-stresser.

    Patti- Welcome! I HAVE heard that agents and editors are also good at kicking said pants. Any outside motivation at all is a good thing for me.

  7. Man, I *still* haven't finished re-writing my two Nano novels. I'm not sure if they're salvageable. I'm so glad that you're making your way through your project. I am certain it will rock--even if it does make you want to rip out all your hair fixing it!

  8. Has anyone here ever sat down and tried to rewrite their Nano novel before? If not, let me tell you, it's an adventure.*

    Yes. Yes it is. (One I'm in the middle of as well.)

  9. Wendy- Thanks! The one I wrote the first time might be unsalvageable. Fortunately I did manage to do some pre-plotting this time, so the actual story's reasonably solid. Maybe. :)

    Singing- Good luck to you! *waves from further down the Nano rewrite abyss*

  10. I suck at rewrites. And revisions.

    And seeing what needs to be revised.

    And generally, I suck at writing in general. (Yes, it's one of THOSE weeks. [sigh])

    Good luck my friend!

  11. Aw, Amy! Here, you can have some of my luck. I'll share. :)


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