Monday Snippits: Fast Five

1. First off, an apology for being absent from the Internetz lately. I had a week (and weekend) crammed with hullabaloo and shenanigans.  It was very tiring. :)

2. One awesome thing I did this weekend though was Write Your A#% Off Day. This time it was extended into a weekend, where people could do it Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  I did mine on Sunday, logging in almost five straight hours of rewriting in the morning, and three more scattered through the rest of the day.  Yah!

3. I HATE REWRITES! That is all.

4. Okay, that's not all. This is an awful draft.  The pacing is all wrong, and I've had to move scenes around three million times and there are still parts that are BORING and go on and on, and they wouldn't be boring if I could put them in the right order, but I don't know what the right order is, and the long and the short of it is that THIS BOOK IS KICKING MY A$%.  In fact I'm giving up writing and moving to Peru.

5. I was too busy rewriting and angst-ing to watch the Superbowl. Who won? Was it awesome? How were the commercials?


  1. Three comments:

    1) Shenanigans AGAIN, Miriam?! I thought we talked about this already!

    2) Congrats! Revising is the devil's work, devilishly devilish, and now you deserve an appropriate reward. Perhaps a devil's food cake.

    3) Peru is lovely this time of year.

  2. 1. Hullabaloo and shenanigans. Now those are some words!

    2. Raising my coffee cup in a cheer :)

    3. We've got to take the good with the bad :(

    4. You'll get it, I'm sure.

    5. Saints won. Didn't watch, but have heard the commercials were a little lame this year.

  3. Moonie- Bwahahaha! No shenanigans this week, I promise! Also, devil's food cake sounds divine, if that's even linguistically possible. :) Mmm... Chocolate.

    Joanne- Thanks for the cheer, I needed it. Is it just me, or are the commercials sliding downhill. I remember them being much better seven or eight years ago.

  4. We noted an oddly high number of underwear commercials this year. Lots of people in their underwear for no apparent reason.

    Sorry for reqrites. We hates them too, yes, we does, precious.

    Peru is a good deal these days. If you can get your stuff together fast, you can fly with us to Ecuador then take the train from there.

  5. Amy, you're on! Except then I would have to quit my job and my husband would probably miss me... Dang.

    Underwear huh? Were any of those people Paris Hilton, by any chance? :)

  6. Rewrites are an interesting thing. Something they go great and then you hit a mental wall. Time to take a break I think.
    I'm so glad you got so much done!


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