Have you missed my book reviews? They're back!

This year, I'm doing my book list a little differently. I'm not going to review EVERY new book I read, just the ones that really interest me for some reason, or that I think would interest you, my readers.

Fortunately for all of us, the next two books on my to-review list are extremely interesting. 

The Emerald Tablet (Hardcover) by P. J. Hoover The Emerald Tablet Hoover, P. J.

The Navel of the World (The Forgotten Worlds, Book 2) by P. J. Hoover The Navel of the World (The Forgotten Worlds, Book 2) Hoover, P. J

I'm reviewing these together, because this is one of those rare trilogies where the second book is even more awesome than the first. The Forgotten Worlds books are about a boy named Benjamin who discovers he's a telegen, an advanced being who can read minds, heal himself, and do all kinds of other awesome things.

In the Emerald Tablet, Benjamin is sent to summer school in Lemuria, an ancient underwater continent where many of the telegens live.  He is just settling in and learning to use his powers when he is chosen by the mysterious Emerald Tablet to be its champion. 

Now Ben not only has to finish summer school, he has to stop a war between Lemuria and its sister continent Atlantis.  (That's right, I said Atlantis.  This book is full of awesome.)

The awesomeness takes a leap forward in the Navel of the World.  Now we have very cool time travel, ancient gods, like Apollo,  who are actually telegens, and the search for a brother that Ben never knew he had. 

The book ends with probably one of the bravest plot twists I've ever seen.  I'm beyond fascinated to see how the characters lives and interactions are changed because of it.

(No, I won't tell you what the ending is. Go buy the book.)

Perfect for sci-fi lovers, fans of classical myth, and anyone who's ever wanted to teleport. 4 stars.

I'd love to get more recommendations for the middle-grade (7-12)  part of my reading list.  Any ideas?


  1. Oh, thank you so much, Miriam!
    (I admit I'm partial to NAVEL, too).
    Your review made my day!

    I loved the GREGOR books. Did you read those? FABLEHAVEN was good. THEODOSIA books are fun. MIKE STELLAR NERVES OF STEEL. THE TOMORROW CODE.
    Those are some that come to mind.

    Thank you again! You rock!
    And I can't wait to read YOUR book!

  2. You're welcome, of course! And thanks for the recommends, I'd totally forgotten that the Thodosia books and Mike Stellar are on my reading list.

    (Note to self, must go to library tomorrow.)

  3. You MUST read Kiki Strike Inside the Shadow City by Kristen Miller. It's one of my all-time favorites. Smart non-gossipy girls discover and underground New York City, battle giant rats, search for treasure. So unbelievably awesome. :)


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