Fun with words!

I finally finished Round 1 of my rewrites! So, while I'm sending it out to some people for intial read, and trying to get back into the first draft of my other project, I thought I'd have some word fun.

If you've never been to, you're missing out. Not only is it entertaining, but it's a great writer tool.  Wordle creates word clouds out of anything you put into it, a block of text, a blog, a website. You can wordle an entire Shakespeare play if you want.

This is the word cloud for the book I just finished rewriting:

*tries to post cloud*


Huh, well if you wish, you can go to the wordle site and check it out.

As you can see, I've definitely overused some common words, like for one, so now I can go back and fix those. But I still think the overall cloud is pretty. :)

See you all on Saturday!


  1. I didn't know about wordle. Very neat, though I'm afraid to know what words I overuse.

  2. Love Wordle!!

    (PS: Try "print screen" to do a screen grab of your cloud)

  3. Amy- There is that. :) I wordled Flute and still couldn't get my use of the word "eyes" down to where I wanted it to be.

    Beth- Ooo! I'll have to try that. It is a fun website, isn't it? I find myself wanting to plug things like poems and favorite books into it.

  4. Miriam--I guess I'm just not quite bright enough. UGH...I couldn't figure out how to look at your cloud.

    I didn't realize you and Amy were "real" friends...I've seen you all of the writing blog world. Now I know you are a friend of a friend (I'm totally impressed) I'll be putting you on my blog roll. :) Congrats on your upcoming book!

  5. I love wordle too. It's crazy how so many words sneak in your stuff over and over and over. Your word cloud was pretty. :)

  6. Sharon- Thank you! I'm sorry you couldn't get the link to work. I'm trying screen capture, but haven't figured it out yet.

    Wendy- I KNOW! Isn't it insane? My main offenders are eyes and voice. I swear I'm going to write a book with all deaf people so I'm forced to express emotions with hands or something. :)


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