Call for blog post ideas.

Huh.  It appears that the sheer amount of rewriting I've been doing has fried my brain. The only thing I can think of to post, other than the review of the Larsson books,* is this:

This would be less hilarious if the website didn't bear a striking resemblance to the one that used to be up for this product:

Hmmm...  I'd rather have the jeans, I think.  And isn't that the same person in the voice-over?

Anyway, I'd love some blog topic ideas for the next week or two.  Anyone got a spare idea laying around?

* Next week, Dad. I promise! :)


  1. Oh my, these are just too good to be true! ;)
    I mean--I could do yoga in my jeans! What could be better...except the hoodie footie?! WOW. I almost spit my tea all over the keyboard. Well, to be honest, when the voice-over chick described the hoodie footie as HOT!, I actually did spit some tea. *wiping off keyboard* Thanks for the laughs. And as far as blogging ideas, I got nuthin'. Sorry.

  2. Heather- That is my favorite thing about the Hoodie-Footie ad, the way all the models try and look sexy. I'm thinking it's not really a hot look for anyone. :)


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