Something no one ever told me about negativity

 (This post was inspired by several blogs I've run across this week. Unfortunately, I can't tell you which ones because that would only encourage them. Suffice it to say they are angry, angry people.)

Fill in the blanks, please.

Negativity is__________

a. Necessary in the face of all the awful things in the world. Someone has to tell the truth.

b. Unhelpful, indulgent and unlikely to change anything.

c. Boring

My pick for this week?  C.  Negativity is boring.

Oh, it's fun to watch at first, seeing people do and say outrageous things. It's like free drama on your Internet. But after a while, if the negativity doesn't change, if no positive solutions are offered, and if the same stuff is repeated over and over and over, it gets downright dull.

I'm not against protests and criticism. Those can be good things.  And we do have the right to free speech in this country.

So tell me what you don't like about the government, the publishing industry, the culture, whatever. But tell me what you're going to do about it. Show me what it is that you're trying to give to the world.

And if you must complain, then for the love of heaven get some new material!!!


  1. That reminds me of Rob Brezny in his book Pronoia. He says "evil is boring."

    Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia. It's the knowledge that the universe is out for your success!

    I actually had to stop hanging out or speaking to certain friends b/c their negative chatter / complaining was way too energy draining.

  2. I'm with you. Complaining itself usually doesn't accomplish anything. I like Danika's comment better - the universe is out for your success. So much of our perspectives really come down to the attitudes we choose.

  3. Danika- Dean Koontz made a similar point in From the Corner of His Eye. People tend to think of evil as epic, but it's really very petty most of the time.

    Joanne- Attitude is so important, isn't it? I'm a fan of focusing on what you can do, as opposed to complaining about things you can't change.

  4. Your closing remark made me laugh. I agree with you totally. I've been reading some negativity on blogs, but mostly it's all over the news and radio and politics. I'd rather hear the good things happening and what is being done to change the situation and bring people together. For my part, I'm staying out of the negative spouting and staying positive.

    Straight From Hel

  5. I don't mind a little negativity. Pollyanna-ness drives me right 'round the bend, but I understand what you're saying. People who argue for the sake of disagreeing need to get a life.

  6. Helen- Good for you! I try to stay away from news and politics right now for that very reason. When I do need news, I like the BBC because they aren't hysterical about everything.

    Amy- Ooo, good point. Overly optimistic people can be annoying too. :) I think for the same reason that overly negative people get boring. For me it's just very one-dimensional, it doesn't feel like you're interacting with a real person.

  7. Negativity is like making love on bindis - it's going to ruin a good thing. Complaining is a waste of good oxygen, and is selfish - think about people with lung disease and asthma. Complaining allows you to be lazy. As long as your lips are moving no one notices that you're not doing anything.


  8. Heeheehee...

    "As long as your lips are moving, no one notices that you're not doing anything"

    So true!

  9. Agree with you completely on this.

    And yet... I had a mini-epiphany about it a little while ago:

    I had noticed that so many of the most vociferous, persistent, and just plain angry complainers were the ones who used to moan so much about how the media, or the other political persuasion, or that other generation, whoever -- how all these other groups just refused to focus on all the good in the world. It drove them crazy, in fact...

    And then I stopped, and wondered if there's something in contemporary (at least U.S.) culture that somehow requires that one group will always be complaining, and one group always complaining about the complaints.

    Er, gulp. No no no. Because unlike the complainers, I AM RIGHT.


  10. Amen, amen, amen. I've said it before, I'm so over haters.

    Why invest your energy in anger and finger pointing, when you can use it to actually try and solve the problem?

  11. Happiness is a choice. It's easy to slide down the negativity slope when everyone else is. It's infectious. I tend to do a U-turn in the lunch room at work if there's an infection in the air.

  12. Jes- Hahahaha! I know what you mean. Complaining can certainly be contagious!

    Renee- That's the thing, isn't it? Why waste the emotional energy on people like that? I'd rather use it to write books.

    Terry- Good for you! I agree, as amusing as certain negative people can be, after a while it starts to affect you too.


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