Monday Snippits: Warning! Extreme crankiness ahead!

Why am I cranky?

This is why.

And this.

My opinion? Yanking a publisher's books just to get them to back down in a negotiation is the behavior of jackasses  (No, that's not swearing. I mean the literal animal.)

When that doesn't work, does Amazon say "sorry, let's discuss this in a rational manner now"?


Releasing a statement that makes you sound like Robin Hood defending the little people when you're the biggest online retailer in the world is the behavior of jackasses.

For that matter, acting like you really care about the reader and have a "mission" to help them, while trying to corner the market on a three hundred dollar device comes perilously close to the behavior of jackasses.


I have to go look at pictures of kittens now.

(Fair warning: I welcome discussion in the comments, and have faith that my regulars can be civil. But if you are new here and you leave me a jackass comment, I will delete you. My stock of patience is all out today.)


  1. I'm also really cranky, to the point of severely limiting, if not completely stopping, my Amazon purchases. I'm sorry, but WTH Amazon? And I have a massive to be purchased list, so well done. *rolls eyes* I know that if I do stop shopping there it won't be a big loss to them, but I'd feel better about my book purchasing.

  2. We had already more or less stopped our Amazon purchasing, but, because of this, it's done, and not just for books. The way I see it, voting with my dollar is the strongest statement I can possibly make.

    On the brighter side, our local independent book store is setting up a McMillan display.

  3. What a mess the whole digital book issue is generating, it's all over the blogs, each day, another conflict or negative impact. I have a feeling it's going to be a long, long time before there's smooth sailing between the publishers, sellers, authors. If ever. It's almost like a nasty custody battle, this fighting over rights, price, releases. Not pretty.

  4. I'm afraid it will be a long time before the e-book dilemma is sorted out, and that coupled with the economy... The literature landscape may look a whole lot different when it's over. I think children's bookstores are fairly safe -- the picture book crowd doesn't browse much online and kids really enjoy putting hands to book before picking one. But given the ease with which ebooks can be distributed online means Amazon is clearly poised to dominate that market. And with Costco and Walmart making (a VERY limited selection of) books available with your groceries (at hugely discounted prices), well... it doesn't look good for bookstores. Or authors/publishers not on board with Costco and Walmart.

  5. Singinglight- I know exactly how you feel. I was already relcutant to get a Kindle because of Amazon's track record of pulling already-purchased books off people's divices. Now, I'm just not going there.

    Megan- Yah! A display is an awesome idea. Especially since it's really the writers who got the short stick here.

    Joanne- It's a bit scary, isn't it? Especially for those of us who are trying to break into the business. Who knows what will happen?

    Amy- That's what I'm afraid of. It's like book sustainability is going to be almost as big and crazy an issue as environmental sustainability. How sad.

  6. I'm not in a jackass comment kind of mood, so I'll just say, let's get the books listed again.

  7. Amen! And sorry about the jackass comment part. I'd just read a lot of really trollish angry comments on other posts and it made me cranky.

    I do always like to hear your opinion. :)

  8. No jackass comment, but how about a jackass link?


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